Promoting the Men's Retreat

Here are all of the materials we have prepared for promoting the Men's Retreat. If you have done something in a congregation to promote the Men's Retreat, we'd love to hear about it! Please send us an email.


Half-sheet bulletin insert

This is useful for inserting into bulletins and setting out on information centers.

Bulletin text

For bulletin and newsletter announcements. Pairs well with the logo below.

We are excited to announce that this year's Men's Retreat (sponsored by Salem Lutheran in Stillwater, MN) will be held September 14-16, at Camp Croix in Danbury, WI. Professor Allen Quist of Bethany Lutheran College will take us through an introduction to apologetics, the art and science of defending the reasonableness of the Christian faith. Please come! More information and registration at



We've prepared an email you can send out to your lists. If your email sending system allows you to copy in HTML, download the linked html file, and copy the contents as the HTML body of your email.